In essence, Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a form of meditation that is practiced through the repetition of a mantra and other yogic methods. Malcolm Fletcher, the founder of Streamline Meditation, began his path of self discovery with TM and spent many years as a reputable instructor. After travelling the world to experience meditation at a deeper level, however, Malcolm stopped practicing TM to start Streamline Meditation.

Difference between Streamline Meditation and Transcendental Meditation

To Malcolm, high levels of meditation should be accessible to anyone. It should not require special techniques that take years (and several monetary investments) to master. True meditation should be a simple practice. Words and mantras only serve to distract one from obtaining the full benefits of meditation – they shackle the mind to the thinking process, therefore robbing the meditator from experiencing the true potential of meditation.

Because there are no pressures to adhere to mantras, concentrated breaths or other distractions, practitioners of Streamline Meditation are able to obtain the purity of meditative consciousness.
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