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The 4 keys for better relationships

Elimination of stress and tension

Stress and tension can put a strain any relationships we have . Our interactions with others thrive when we are more relaxed and at ease within our selves.

Streamline Meditation eliminates accumulated stress and tension from the system.

Increased happiness

To enjoy more happiness in relationships its vital that we are happy. Our state of being is something that we radiate to others even in silence so its important to increase our happiness from its source deep within us.

Discover increased happiness through Streamline Meditation.

More harmony

Disharmony and discord breeds friction within all relationships. Meditation  harmonizes all the layers of energy within ourselves by restoring the system to a state of balance. From that state we automatically flow more in harmony with others.

Streamline Meditation harmonises the system in a state of balance.

Know thy self

The purpose of Streamline Meditation is to reconnect us with the deepest and most peaceful level of our being. When we get to know ourselves on that level we discover a unified field of consciousness that we all share. This experience helps break down the boundaries that separate us and allows us to connect to one and other on a deeper level.

Reconnect to your most fundamental level of being through Streamline Meditation.

Studies on the benefits

#1: Meditation improves relationships

Meditation has been shown to improve your ability in relating to others and less likely to be influenced by negative people. Sources: Journal of Marital and Family TherapyJournal of Marital and Family Therapy