Can anyone meditate?

Anyone can practice Streamline Meditation once they are shown how as the mind is drawn within by its own nature. There is no need to concentrate or try to stop thinking as this meditation is naturally occurring.

Once learnt, Streamline Meditation is an effortless experience that is practiced for 15-20 minutes morning and evening while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. During that time the mind settles down to enjoy a state of profound stillness while the body relaxes into a deep state of rest. This unique state of restful alertness dissolves deeply accumulated stresses within the nervous system resulting in a flow on effect of greater levels of creative intelligence, happiness, energy and well being into daily life.

Why Streamline Meditation instead of other forms of meditation?

The so-called meditation techniques in use today all involve unnecessary objects of focus like repeating mantras or watching the breath etc. These are all subtle distractions from the meditative process and they hinder the direct and full experience of your own inner self. They play no part in Streamline Meditation.

Is there a religious or spiritual side to Streamline Meditation?

Streamline Meditation is not affiliated with religion or a set of beliefs and can thus be purely used for personal development.

Where can I learn Streamline Meditation?

Streamline Meditation can be learnt by attending a one-day weekend workshop. You can also learn by attending our regular 4-step course which involves 4 sessions (1 hour each session) held weekly throughout Australia. For remote areas we also teach online through Skype. After completing our course you will have gained a skill you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

For more information on courses and dates in your area please contact us below or send us a request on the contact us page.

Do you provide individual or group meditation courses/classes?

We provide both individual and group meditation classes.

Are the benefits of meditation scientifically proven?

Numerous scientific studies continue to be conducted regarding the many benefits of meditation. Refer to our Meditation Benefits and Research page for a few examples.