There are many different reasons why people come along to learn meditation. Some are interested in its beneficial effects on mental wellbeing by reducing stress and anxiety levels. Others are interested in improving the brain’s ability when it comes to academic or business performance, as well as its health-promoting properties. Meditation has also been shown to enhance the quality of personal relationships.

Scientific research continues to demonstrate that meditation can provide:

  • Improved memory and clearer thinking
  • Increased creativity
  • Greater efficiency
  • Improved relationships
  • Reduced insomnia
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • More positivity
  • Heightened self confidence

Regarded as the purest form of meditation, Streamline Meditation has many transformative benefits and stands alone in the field of meditation today. It does not require months or years of practice before one obtains its benefits: one attendance of a standard meditation course or corporate meditation class is all that is required to discover the lifelong benefits of this skill.

Benefits of meditation

Peak experiences

We can all recall special moments in life where we have had peak experiences. Times where we felt an extraordinary level of peace and happiness or a sense that our lives are united and in tune with the natural world. Many of these moments can be so joyful and euphoric that they appear to reflect a touch of the divine. No matter what the circumstances, in all cases, these fleeting moments instill in us that life is a precious gift and it should not be wasted.

These peak experiences demonstrate the remarkable capacity we all have to elevate our lives to higher levels. The full integration of Streamline Meditation’s benefits raises our ability to appreciate life more fully so we can live more on the peaks of human experience and appreciation.

Improved health

Good health and a higher sense of wellbeing is vital to our enjoyment in life. We need to maintain optimal health by keeping our mind and body fresh and rejuvenated. If we are unwell, we need to be able to stimulate our natural healing forces.

Streamline Meditation returns the system back to a natural state of balance. This is achieved by providing a level of relaxation and rest that allows the body’s energy to become collected and unified so that it can flow upwards to our higher centres. This can have a restorative effect on the body.

Improved relationships

In order to enjoy our personal relationships more, we need to reduce the level of stress and tension in our lives.

Meditation is a proven way to reduce these levels of stress and tension by helping tap into our inner reserves of happiness and harmony. By meditating regularly, we bring a richer quality to our relationships with less friction and more positivity.

Many meditators notice that not only do they enjoy their relationships more but others also appreciate and respond to them better. This is reflected most with partners and family.

Its also important that if we want to know others well and form lasting relationships, it is important that we get to know ourselves on the deepest levels first.

The state of flow

Scientific research continues to verify each one of its many amazing benefits but the highest teaching of meditation is about the integration of all of these benefits. It’s about experiencing a state of flow in daily life that transforms the mundane into a peak experience.

This highest level of living is the result of discovering our true inner self during meditation. The profound experience of who we really are at our most fundamental essence of being.

Streamline Meditation allows the mind and body to relax consciously into our inner essence. Its just like coming back home. We become more centered and find a peace and joy that enriches every aspect of our life after meditation.

Streamline Meditation provides the experience of self realization on the deepest level of pure awareness creating a stable basis for more rewarding relationships.

We offer standard and corporate meditation classes in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide and surrounding areas, as well as through Skype.

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