The Sunshine State’s Capital

People are constantly being drawn to the beauty of Queensland’s capital and are moving to this gorgeous city in droves. Last year, Monocle named Brisbane the 25th most livable city in the world, praising our relatively low crime rate, our hot to temperate climate, our excellent medical care, strong business districts, access to nature and suitability for young families.

Compared to our southern counterparts Sydney and Melbourne,  Brisbane is a considerably more relaxed place to live and work. However, living in a beautiful and relatively relaxing city does not mean you will always feel a sense of inner peace.

Managing Stress in Brisbane

Living in Brisbane comes with stresses too. The pressures of work life and family life are as tight as they are in the world’s largest cities: we have a thriving central business district full of busy people who consistently neglect their minds, bodies and overall health. It’s vital that Brisbane’s inhabitants, whether they’ve moved here or they were born and raised here, remember to maintain a work/life balance and manage their everyday stresses.

There have been hundreds of scientific studies, all demonstrating conclusively that the practice of meditation produces a wide range of positive benefits for the mind, the body and for our relationships. For example, meditation can improve sleep.

Streamline Meditation Brisbane

Streamline Meditation is based in Brisbane’s CBD, and we’ve seen first-hand the consequences of those who don’t look after their physical and mental well-being because of their lack of a good work/life balance.

We can help the modern day Brisbane employee increase productivity, focus and happiness with our unique and powerful meditation style: we bring the essence of original, ancient meditation styles, to the modern day worker. Streamline Meditation’s founder Malcolm Fletcher has developed a method of meditation easy to learn and highly effective for reducing stress and anxiety, as well as increasing focus and productivity.

You can practice Streamline Meditation in Brisbane’s beautiful natural reserves, in the parks along the river or simply in your own home. Practicing Streamline Meditation is an excellent way to connect with your colleagues, and an effective team building exercise. (Why are meditation classes important?)

Read more about the health benefits of Streamline Meditation, take part in our meditation courses and meditation classes in BrisbaneContact us to find out more about Brisbane’s innovative meditation centre.