Meditation Classes

Learning Streamline Meditation

Streamline Meditation is taught by fully accredited facilitators in a 4 step course with each session taking approximately 1 hour.

The 1st session will provide you with the direct experience of the Streamline Meditation process. This is followed by a further 3 sessions which provide additional guidance and instruction based on your personal experiences.

After you have completed the 4 sessions you will have gained a skill you can enjoy and benefit from for the rest of your life.

Learning Streamline Meditation online

Our 4 step course can also be easily learnt online through Skype. Contact one of our Facilitators to make a booking.

online meditation

Streamline Meditation Workshops

You can also learn Streamline Meditation in our 4 hour meditation workshops. These are designed to teach meditation in a condensed time frame with often powerful results. It is a great way to learn for very busy people.

Ongoing Coaching

After completing the course further sessions for checking your experiences and personal development are available upon request.

We also provide ongoing meditation coaching to ensure that you maximise your meditation experience.

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