There’s no doubt that there is a growing need for meditation classes. In a country like Australia where there are constant pressures of work, finances, relationships and time management, it can often become easy to lose direction under the weight of the constant hurdles of life. Meditation, which has been scientifically proven to decrease stress and improve several aspects of one’s personal development, has become a necessity for many.

With the heavy proliferation of ‘free’ meditation apps and online guides in the market, a lot of people may be wondering about the importance of investing in meditation classes.

There are actually several benefits to participating in a meditation class:

Being in the presence of a qualified, experienced meditation instructor

Having the right guidance is important in one’s meditative journey: taking any advice found online that is not useful to your particular situation may have long lasting consequences on your life. The right instructor will be able to analyse your meditative technique and provide ongoing direction on ways to fine tune the practice. Attending meditation classes also reinforces good meditative practice and provides the right motivation and environment to be consistent.

Meditating with other people

Meditation classes also gives you the opportunity to meditate with, and learn from, other people. Meditating with friends, family, colleagues and other people can increase the enjoyment gained from meditation by creating a more social environment.

Meditation classes cut through the clutter

There are endless amounts of apps, websites, blog posts, books and opinions both online and offline regarding meditation. With a plethora of information on meditation flooding the market, it can often be a confronting task filtering out which information on meditation is useful, and which information on meditation is not. The right meditation classes put you right next to meditators who have practiced the art for years (and in some cases, most of their lifetime). As with the point above, you will also be able to communicate with others on a similar meditative journey to yours and can thus form your own opinions on the practice.

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