meditation-classes-brisbane-gravityWe host our Brisbane meditation sessions in Gravity Coworking Space Brisbane, Level 6, 140 Creek Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Meditation is a simple natural state where the mind has settled to a point of stillness while the body has also relaxed into a profound level of rest. This brings the whole system into balance and has lasting effects on stress levels, physical health, and overall happiness and well-being. Meditation is so easy that anyone can do it and take advantage of the numerous benefits.

One of the important elements of meditation is the clearing of the mind of its overload of information. This information builds up throughout the day and adds to your stress. Mindfulness meditation is one method people use to try and relax. This involves focusing the mind on one particular object, sound, sensation, or thought and gently pushing away all other thoughts.


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The Streamline Meditation Difference

The trouble with this practice is that it in essence keeps the mind engaged, thus not letting it fully relax. The point is to clear away information and let the mind rest in its natural meditative state, and that’s where Streamline Meditation comes in. Streamline Meditation is different from any other type of meditation in that it is not a “technique” and does not involve forcing or focusing the mind in any way. Instead, it allows the mind to naturally and organically enter a true meditative state while the body rests. This combination brings complete balance back to your system and leaves lasting positive effects on your mind, body, and almost every aspect of your life.

Effective meditation even has positive effects on your physical body. Many medical conditions, particularly those that are fuelled or exacerbated by stress, can be helped tremendously through meditation. A growing body of research shows strong links between meditation and improvements in conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, high blood pressure, sleep problems, asthma, and even cancer. It is important to note that meditation should not be used as a substitute for traditional medical care, but it can be an extremely useful addition to the treatment of just about any ailment.


I’m a self-employed programmer in Melbourne and learnt Streamline meditation in 2008. Streamline meditation helps me refocus and clear my mind and more easily deal with the stresses that I am faced with from running my own business. It is easy and does not take much time each day. Often I will take some time out mid-afternoon for a quick 20 minute meditation to help me be more productive for the rest of the day. Mal’s lessons are easy to work through and taught in a great quiet and open environment. Mal is a great listener and can talk you through and help you understand your meditation experiences.

– Sean Tasker

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Corporate Meditation Classes

We also provide corporate meditation classes, workshops and meditation courses to employees, teams and business owners looking to reduce stress, improve efficiency and increase performance. Large and highly influential corporations such as Deutsche Bank, Google, Apple, HBO and Procter & Gamble promote meditation among their staff. Contact Streamline Meditation for more information on our corporate meditation programs.

Book a Meditation Class in Brisbane

Streamline Meditation’s Brisbane meditation classes consist of four sessions of an hour and a half each spread over four consecutive days. This allows students the right balance of experience and understanding so that by the time you complete the last session, you will be fully self-sufficient and able to use meditation in your own life on a daily basis, anytime you want, while its many benefits.

To learn how to achieve a state of meditation you’ve never dreamed possible and see the real results in your own life, visit Simply fill out the contact form to let us know of your interest in a Brisbane meditation class. These meditation classes in Brisbane are easy and fun, and when you are meditating regularly and seeing how it truly changes your life, you’ll be so glad you took the class. And we’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you find out what your mind and body are capable of – so contact Streamline Meditation and let’s get started on our meditation classes.

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