Kay’s meditation journey started over 30 years ago when she first met the very inspiring Malcolm Fletcher. Kay was fascinated by meditation and the incredible benefits it could bring into her life. After learning Streamline Meditation from Malcolm, she found it to be life changing. Kay has run her own businesses from a very early age and found that the positive influences of meditation gave her a huge advantage. It helped her to self manage stress, brought her higher levels of energy and boosted her overall health and emotional well-being. The power of meditation has enabled Kay to bounce over any obstacles in her path and feel that nothing is impossible. This rich experience quickly became a constant source of inner strength and joy in Kay’s life.

When Justin first met Kay, he was immediately inspired to experience meditation for himself as it was such a wonderful part of Kay’s everyday life. He was also taught Streamline Meditation by Malcolm and was deeply impressed with its immediate results. Justin was drawn to the profound relaxation and inner peace that Streamline Meditation brought him. He also discovered that the positive power of meditation on his every day working life reduced the effects of stress and tension while increasing his ability to deal with a particularly busy life.

Justin and Kay have practiced meditation for many years and are fully accredited Streamline Meditation Facilitators, receiving their extensive training directly from Malcolm Fletcher, the founder of Streamline Meditation.  – What a wonderful journey it has been.

Kay and Justin own and operate Tenteram Fine Foods Cooking School and Retreat and teach Streamline Meditation classes at their luxury rainforest hideaway in the beautiful Currumbin Valley. They also conduct Streamline Meditation classes and programs for corporate and private organisations either at their retreat or in house at any organisations business premises. The Streamline Meditation program can also be conducted in our own corporate settings in any city in Australia.