When Troy attended a Streamline Meditation course in 2008, he owned a prominent construction company which had 45 staff, 15 subcontractors and several major government projects on the go. Although he had achieved success in business, he was really looking for a better way to cope with the damaging effects of stresses and tension and to rebuild his health.

He instantly responded to Malcolm’s positive message and throughout the 4 sessions of the course, his experiences were remarkable. He also discovered that Streamline Meditation had the power to deliver the inner changes he was looking for.

From that time forward, Streamline Meditation has become an important and enjoyable part of Troy’s day. It has allowed him to manage stress and anxiety, regain good health and provide the clarity of mind needed to create a wonderful life, that is more peaceful and far more enjoyable.

In 2011 he studied with Malcolm to become the first accredited Streamline Meditation coach and has now shared this profound knowledge with many others.

Troy is also a Proctor-Gallagher “Thinking Into Results Facilitator” who holds a Diploma in Life Coaching and is a certified NLP practicioner.

With over 22 years of management and consulting experience in the construction industry, Troy continues to work with clients in this field to build stronger teamwork and to achieve improved productivity.

He holds regular personal and online Streamline meditation courses and training sessions with individuals and corporate clients throughout Australia.