Troy is an Accredited Facilitator & Trainer of Streamline Meditation. Once the owner of a prominent construction company, Troy found that the materialistic successes of his outer life did not reflect the damaging turmoil and stresses he felt internally. Through Streamline Meditation, he was able to improve his relationships, health and overall wealth in life.

Troy’s personal story

Today, I enjoy a beer or bourbon and a good steak. I have peace and clarity of mind. I have three fantastic kids and my family has grown by four with a beautiful partner and three fantastic step kids. I am healthy and happy in life. This, however, has not always been the case.

I was born in 1972 and from the age of fifteen I had the urge to learn meditation. I participated in my first meditation course in my early twenties at a Kung Fu school in Brisbane. Three years later, I attended a seminar where I was shown another technique. I also tried a couple of meditation CDs and worked with these techniques on and off for a number of years with a few experiences but never found any real change within myself.

Early career

I had worked in construction since leaving school in 1990. In June 2006, I started a construction company two months after having our second child. Within eighteen months I had grown the company to have forty-five staff and fifteen subcontractors. I had many contracts and was working on several major government projects. I had money in the bank and owned the family home, an investment property and a flash Mercedes. I had no company or personal debt and it would appear that I was lovin’ life and all things looked great from the outside.

I began to realise that I was not enjoying myself; I was drinking every night to wind down in order to band-aid the stress and worry and to help me sleep at night. I would wake up at about two in the morning on most nights, worrying about things that were not worth worrying about. I would break out in sweats, and at times I would not interact well with others – I would be withdrawn, focusing on my inner turmoil.


I was not coping with the stress or life in general. I had no understanding on how to release stress from the body’s nervous system and no understanding on how mental and physical fatigue was compounding the problem. I had developed a dull sweat, which I discovered to be glandular fever and, in December 2007, was admitted to Hospital with meningitis. This took months to bounce back from because I was still carrying glandular fever. I never truly became well and then in early November 2008 I was once again admitted to hospital for having scalp cellulitis. This was an infection in the body that was showing up in my head under the scalp. My head was swelling up with numerous pimples breaking out. After spending a week in hospital, I made the decision that I was going to bring good health back to my life and the need to learn meditation had become far more than an urge. My health was far from good. Externally, I appeared to have everything but I was far from happy and I was not enjoying my life. I needed a better way to manage my stress and calm the inner turmoil to become healthy again.

Beginning of Streamline Meditation

When I was released from hospital I began my research into meditation. I contacted three meditation organisations, one of them being Streamline Meditation, where I spoke to its founder, Malcolm Fletcher. I was instantly drawn to Malcolm and was initiated into Streamline Meditation on 27th November 2008 at Stones Corner in Brisbane. Throughout the course, the experiences were remarkable and I knew that this meditation was like no other I had experienced.

I continued to meditate, finding my inner experiences becoming stronger and more pleasant as time went by. I would talk to Malcolm to share my experiences and to clarify them or if I was having trouble dropping into the meditative state. Having Malcolm there to bounce ideas off was important as he would put things into perspective. My health was improving and I was not drinking every night. I would have the occasional social drink which I enjoyed more, and I was far more relaxed and was beginning to enjoy my life again.

Managing life’s low points with Streamline Meditation

The rainy events that Queensland experienced in 2010 that lead up to the 2011 floods had my company that was once prosperous deep in an overdraft. In late 2010, I began to go through a separation with my ex-wife and after twelve and half years of marriage, I left the family home in April 2011. I rented a property nearby to ensure I had time with the kids and over the next three years, my experiences would test my mental, physical and emotional state. With three young kids, properties and the company invested, I found myself in and out of court. The decisions that were made throughout the separation that were out of my control put the company under huge financial pressure in May 2012. I worked with creditors over the next eighteen months and I dropped the company debt substantially, but the decisions of 2012 had set off a chain of events that forced me to put the company into liquidation in 2013. After seven and a half years of job and wealth creation, the company was gone.

At the end of 2013, the material world I had created was no more. The flash Mercedes was gone, the house was gone, the investment property was gone, but my divorce was granted and I had a court order in place that gave myself and the three kids fifty percent shared care and I was still a Dad.

Throughout this three year period, I found myself moving through these difficult experiences in a totally profound way. I managed things far better. I was calm and did not worry. I would deal with problems as they arose and it did not matter how big a problem may have seemed – I dealt with it without worry and in a calm manner. I always slept well at night and the more I meditated the stronger I became and the more clarity I had to deal with the day-to-day problems that arose. I had good days and bad days, but the good days were really good and far more frequent. The bad days weren’t that bad. I would have the odd social drink with a mate but I was not drinking every night, and the social drink would be more enjoyable, as I was not having a drink to make myself feel better or numb the stress and worry of the day. As the external world was crumbling, my internal world got stronger and the inner turmoil that once controlled me was no more. A far cry from my earlier experience when I truly did not have anything to worry about except for what was internally created. I was calm and life was becoming more enjoyable.

A bright future

Throughout this time, I began training in May 2011 with Malcolm to become the first qualified Streamline Meditation Instructor. The knowledge that Malcolm has shared has left me extremely honoured. Having Malcolm as a friend and to have his knowledge passed on and entrusted to me is humbling. I also became a certified NLP Practitioner for coaching and completed the course in November 2012. I am currently furthering my skills, doing a Diploma in Life Coaching through the Australian College of Applied Psychology in Brisbane. Combined with my specialisations in Executive Coaching, Workplace Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching and NLP, I am now able to provide a higher level of service as a Streamline Meditation Instructor.

I do believe that if I did not introduce Streamline Meditation into my life and learn how to release the stresses and inner turmoils that have accumulated in my body, I would not have coped with the external experiences that arose from my separation with my ex-wife, as well as my company. Streamline Meditation has become an important and enjoyable part of my life. It has allowed me to manage stress and anxiety and bring good health back to my life. The mental health and physical health, as well as the clarity of mind that I now enjoy is assisting me in creating a wonderful life. I am now in a beautiful relationship and the life I live keeps getting stronger, more peaceful and far more enjoyable.

Thank you for reading a part of my journey and I hope it will help you on your journey.

Troy Drake

Accredited Facilitator & Trainer of Streamline Meditation