Benefits of Streamline Meditation


The way of Streamline Meditation

Most people consider their minds are far too active to be able to meditate properly. They feel that they could never silence their thoughts and even if they could it would take a lot of effort. Both notions are completely false.

The first point is meditation is totally unconcerned about whether we are aware of thoughts or not. Pure Meditation is only ever concerned about expanding our awareness to include the thinker as well as thoughts. The thinker is the vast inner sky of the mind through which the clouds of thoughts pass.  When we do finally become aware of the thinker, we discover an infinite silence of pure awareness. Our own fundamental level of being that has been simply neglected.

This enjoyable experience reconnects us to our inner reserves of intelligence, energy and happiness from a limitless source.

Meditation is a natural state

According to the founder of Streamline Meditation, Malcolm Fletcher,  the pure state of meditation is always naturally occurring and permanently accessible to us all. We don’t really need techniques such as mantras or ‘focusing on breathing’ to quieten the mind. The mind has its own innate ability to be silent and this natural state of meditation is self evident. Its not a technique – it is a natural state of mind we can all access.

Although the Streamline Meditation process is very simple and natural, it should be learnt properly from a fully qualified Streamline Meditation coach. It can produce a variety of individual experiences that need to be assessed correctly for each new meditator.

Accredited Streamline Meditation coaches

Streamline Meditation is taught in Australia by fully accredited coaches who have undergone a 12 month teacher training program and have been professionally trained by Malcolm Fletcher. They are the only licensed users of the registered trade mark, “Streamline Meditation”.

On this site you can contact accredited coaches, who can show you how to discover, this effortless, naturally occurring process for yourself.  They are also totally committed to ensure that the teaching of Streamline meditation is permanently maintained in its purity and effectiveness.


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