4 Meditation Goals for 2017

meditation goals

Whoever you are, whatever you do, meditation can help you to improve your life. Over the past few decades, there have been hundreds of studies conducted in America, Europe, England and India with the aim of proving the many benefits of meditation. These studies have conclusively demonstrated that mediation produces a wide range of positive benefits for the mind and body. For more information, see benefits of mediation.

Since it’s a brand new year, we think it’s a great time to set some meditation aspirations for the coming months and onwards. Here are 4 meditation goals, or at least intentions, we think every meditator should aspire to in 2017:

Meditate Regularly

For the best results, you should try and meditate for about 20 minutes every day. If you can’t fit this in, try to meditate a few times a week. Even a trip to the bathroom at work can provide you with 5 minutes of time that can be used for meditation and mindfulness!

Practising Streamline Mediation for just 15/20 minutes twice a day can produce a level of rest that is several times deeper than sleep, and this profound state of relaxation has been shown to eliminate accumulated stress/tension and promote better sleep, greater clarity of mind, improved memory, heightened creativity and better personal relationships.

Create a meditation space at home

Creating a peaceful and inviting meditation space in your home is a great way to motivate yourself to meditate regularly. Although you can meditate anywhere, having a calming and dedicated meditation space in your home will help you to establish a routine and find that quiet inner state of mind more effectively. For more information, see how to create an ideal meditation space at home.

Improve state of mind

Meditation helps you to find a state of inner peace, and has been proven to effectively combat negativity, stress, anxiety and depression. Meditation has also been shown to improve mental clarity, increase productivity and ability to multitask, improve areas of the brain associated with learning and memory and improve emotional intelligence and self-understanding. Therefore, a great aspiration for you meditative practice is to work on gradually achieving a more peaceful, positive, productive and understanding mind.

Live in the present

Perhaps the main goal of meditation is to live in the present moment. Living in the present – instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future – brings clarity, peacefulness and increased productivity. Our worries and negative thoughts about the past and future are often what hold us back in life. If you can regularly live your life in the present, you will experience numerous benefits in your day-to-day life.

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